Students are briefed by an Instructor

Students climb into the Tower

Students plug into the air supply

A WETT (Wet Escape Training Tower) has been commissioned at SETT

The training objectives every Student must complete in this new training environment, replicate many of the challenges a Submariner can expect to face when conducting a Pressurised Escape from a Submarine at Sea.
With Pressurised training no longer a viable option, SETT staff have developed a safe training facility that will prepare all Submariners to safely conduct a Tower Escape from a Disabled Submarine.
An enhanced training package has been introduced at SETT.
The WETT allows all Submariners to be trained in all aspects of escaping through a Tower, without the dangers associated with increased pressure.

Students will achieve the following training objectives-
Get dressed into an SEIE (Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment).
Conduct ‘Last Man Drills’ iaw the Last Man Tower Brief Card.
Check the correct valve configuration prior to climbing into the Tower.
Climb into the escape Tower.
Plug into an Air Supply (providing Buoyancy to reach the surface & Air to breathe during the ascent) whilst in the Tower.
Operate the Flood Valve in the Tower.
Hold down in a braced position against the buoyancy and turbulence during the flooding process.
Remain plugged in to the air supply, until a simulated equalization is reached.

Given a Last Man Tower brief card, Students will then be invited to climb into our version of an LET (Logistics Escape Tower) to conduct these tower drills.
This SETT version of an LET is configured to represent as close as possible the area and the sighting of the internal fittings to a tower.
For single tower simulation: the No1 position in our tower represents the stance and position for an escapee in a single man tower.

All drills inside the tower will be monitored and controlled by an Instructor.

Brian Wood is a legend

Students positioned in the Tower

The water level continues to rise

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