UK - International Escape & Rescue Training - USA

The Naval Submarine School in Groton Connecticut will open the doors to its new Submarine Escape Tower by the summer of 2008.

The tower will be similar to the one at SETT, Fort Blockhouse, except that it will be 35 feet (10.67m).

To prepare for this, Chief Navy Diver Sean Daoust has joined SETT Staff for a period of three months to qualify as a Water Worker and will return to America with the knowledge and experience that he has gained here in the UK.

Chief Daoust has been a Navy Diver for twelve years and a Submarine Escape Instructor for the last three, he is currently the Course Safety Officer, a Diving Supervisor and a Master Training Specialist at the American's Submarine Escape Trainer.

Prior to joining SETT, on the 5th of December 2007 off the coast of Alaska , Chief Daoust performed a Submarine escape from the USS Los Angeles wearing the MK10 Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment (SEIE) from a depth of 107 feet.

Sean was the first American to do so since 1961 when LT Harris Steinke, inventor of the Steinke Hood, escaped from the USS Balao.

During Sean's stay at SETT approximately 30 American Submariners will also be visiting UK to complete the Initial Submarine Escape Training course prior to their own Escape Tower opening in 2008.

©2006 Ian Callow