The UK SMASHEX 2010 - Western Scotland.

The UK SMASHEX 2010 was a Submarine Escape and Rescue exercise held in Scotland, the exercise in June 2010 allowed the UK & Italian SPAG teams to exercise Medical Triage.
The UK and Italian SPAG parachute from a C130 aircraft, including MIB (Medium Inflatable Boat) and Life raft insertion.
A DISSUB based training scenario commenced immediately, focusing on Medical training for the UK SPAG team, lead by two qualified Doctors.
Extensive on water medical training was concluded by the SMERAT (Submarine Escape & Rescue Authority) receiving all escapees on the EGS (Escape Gear Ship).

SPAG standby to receive escapees from the stricken submarine. Command & Control communicate with the DISSUB SPAG medical team prepare to receive escapees. Triage Village. Escapee arrives on the surface. Escapee is removed from the water. Escapee examined by Doctors. SPAG Doctors treat an escapee suffering from Decompression illness. Escapee treated by SPAG Doctor. Escapee treated by SPAG Doctor. SPAG medical team transfer escapees to the SMERAT team SMERAT receives escapees on the EGS.

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