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In the event of a Submarine accident there are organizations, systems and procedures in place, to respond to all foreseen Submarine Emergency’s. UK Submarine Rescue Services and other worldwide Rescue Assets are available to assist with any rescue operation. All submarine tasks and movements are controlled by a Submarine operating authority, to whom the submarine must contact at pre-arranged intervals, – by sending - sub notes. If no contact is established, the authority will put into action, laid down procedures and routines that call upon all the assets that are available to them, they will initiate the Sublook Organisation. These procedures and routines will also include the establishment of a Submarine Search & Rescue Authority (SSRA) for the area & also utilise a Rescue Co-ordination Center (RRC) within the local area. They will initiate the call out of, SPAG / NSRS & ROV systems, and all of the Submarine Accident Reaction Stores. The organisation would also establish contact with other world wide rescue assets depending on the area of the incident. These procedures and routines would immediately be put into action if there were a report or an indication of a submarine accident at any time.


The aim of the organisation is to provide procedures for:

  1. Alerting forces

  2. Conducting a prompt search to locate a sunken submarine.

  3. Recovery and treatment of escapees.

  4. Rescue of survivors.

  5. Salvage of the submarine is not part of the operation.




Rumic Limited provide the Royal Navy with the UK Submarine Rescue Service from the Rescue Headquarters in Renfrew, Glasgow. The Submarine Rescue Assets are on standby to save the lives of the crew of a stricken submarine by rescue, or the supply of Emergency Life Support Stores until rescue can be achieved.

International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) / Nato Submarine Rescue System (NSRS)

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