MIB Crew UK SPAG - Pre Helo deployment SPAG insert from Helo DISSUB scenario co-ordinator

The UK & Italian SPAG participate in the Italian SMASHEX 2009.

The Italian SMASHEX 2009 was a Submarine Escape and Rescue exercise held in La Spezia, Italy. The exercise on the 19-21st October 2009 allowed the UK & Italian SPAG teams to exercise;

Parachuting from a C130 aircraft for UK and IT SPAG, including MIB and Life raft insertion.

A DISSUB based training scenario over a period of 9 hours in La Spezia Bay exercise area. This involved a number of trials with new equipment, life raft deployment techniques and medical stance training.

The training objectives for both SPAG teams during the exercise are listed below;

To carry out Water Descent Parachuting into La Spezia, Italy, in order to maintain Operational Capability (OC) of SPAG personnel to support the UK Strategic Nuclear Deterrent.

To conduct water descent parachute continuation training for Italian SPAG team.

To carry out and consolidate on water training in order to maintain operational capability of UK and Italian SPAG in a DISSUB (Distressed Submarine) environment.

Conducting deployment and insertion techniques from both C130 Hercules (long range), and EH101 Merlin (short range)

Nominated personnel to carry out continuation training on SLS and SSL, jumping ‘clean fatigue’ and with equipment.

Extensive DISSUB scenario base training.

Extensive on water medical training.

SPAG insert from C130 SPAG prepare to deploy from a Helo Command and Control - Triage Village SPAG1 - Excercise co-ordinator
SPAG- Pre C130 deployment Recovery of an Escapee Triage Village Post excercise celebration

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