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History of Submarine Escape Training
1930 - 2012

In the 1930’s and 1940’s Submarine Escape Training was conducted in a 15 foot tank, located within Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, Hants.

The DSEA (Davis Submarine Escape Apparatus) set was the equipment used in this facility, not all Submariners were trained to use this equipment.

As a result of enquiry’s into a number of major Submarine Accidents (Thetis and Truculent amongst the 22 investigated) and the recommendations of the Ruck-Keene report (1946), the Admiralty Board gave instructions to improve escape equipment and that enhanced training should be given to all Submariners.

The present 100ft (30m) SETT was constructed as a direct result of these Admiralty Board decisions.

Commissioned and the first training class conducted training in July 1954, teaching Compartment Rush Escape,
which was the only method of escape used for S/M Escape at this period. (Buoyant Exhaling Ascent).

Davis Aparatus - 1950

Post "HMS Truculent" - 1950

Escape Tower - 1962

Mk 6 SEIE - 1966

History of SETT Staff

History of the Submarine Escape Training Tank

History of DSEA - Slide show

Developement of Escape Training

Developement of Escape Training Equipment

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