China conduct Pressurised Escape Training at SETT

A Chinese delegation attended SETT in July 2008, two of the delegation were the first students from China to conduct Pressurised Escape Training.

The course was the first of its kind for China and highlighted the importance of Pressurised Escape Training not only for UK submariners but for every submariner all over the world.
Many more countries throughout the world are introducing Pressurised Escape Training because they are aware of the risks and dangers that face submariners and believe it is the only way to prepare for the unthinkable. As well as successfully conducting Pressurised Escape Training the delegation were also given presentations on the role of SPAG by Lt Andy Sharpe and Rescue Assets by Cdr Charlie Neve.

The students completed unpressurised elements of the course involving Surface Survival drills, Rush Escape and various modules in the classroom including Survival in the DISSUB.

Furthur discussion was also provided with subject matter expert Mr Brian Wood (right) on the operation and manning of the Submarine Escape Training Tank.

This visit was important for the SETT in that it identifies that Submariners all over the world from varying cultures look to the UK for leadership and guidance with regards to preparing submariners to escape successfully from a distressed Submarine. This unique type of training can only be achieved using the equipment in a PRESSURISED enviroment.

©2006 Ian Callow