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Pressurised Training means Survival
To view our 'Objective' place cursor on Image.

An improved non-pressurised escape training program, will continue to be provided by subject matter experts at SETT, for at least five years.

Pressurised escape training
ceases at SETT, the end of an era....

The end of an era Wet Escape Training Tower
Wet Escape Training Tower

World Record Escape 1970


HMS Astute Escapex 2012



History of SETT
Submariners must be prepared
Pressurised Escape Training
A necessity not a requirement
Dangers Associated
with Escape Training

Why we should conduct Pressurised training
Survival in the DISSUB
Knowledge - Confidence - Determination
Rescue Assets


Wet Escape Training Tower
John Capes
One Show
John Capes



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Bone China Mugs

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SUBWEAR Sublimation

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SUBWEAR Sublimation